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Company Size

3,200 students and staffs

“We started out focused on SSO, but when Centrify showed us features like Active Directory-based access control and audit and roll-back capabilities, it illustrated the potential this solution offers — and its superiority over others.”



While upgrading from traditional software to cloud solutions like Office 365, Morehouse College saw that multiple new names and passwords would be challenging for users and could negatively impact its already stretched IT department. Microsoft AD FS could provide access management for Office 365, but server and network implementation requirements were too demanding.  

The school needed an easily deployed, comprehensive SSO solution that would cover all critical cloud apps, help maintain business continuity and improve security.

Project Requirements

  •        Provide security and reliability through a cloud-based SSO platform
  •        Extend access management beyond Office 365 to any number of apps and websites
  •        Help to ensure compliance with PCI, HIPPA, FERPA
  •        Seamlessly authenticate and manage PCs and Macs remotely thru group policies 

Aha Moment

Key cloud benefits include business continuity and disaster recovery. Morehouse believes Centrify in the cloud will ensure critical app access from anywhere, even if the campus goes dark.

Bottom Line

Despite a small, thinly stretched IT staff, the switch from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 facilitated by Centrify was smooth and the school plans to extend the Centrify and Office 365 system to the 2,000 member student body. “I feel extremely comfortable that ultimately tying everything to Active Directory thru Centrify will generate an unquestionably strong ROI,” said Clifford Russell, CIO at Morehouse College.