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Electrical Utility

Company Size

$10.2 Million (2015)

"Our field experts need to remain 100% focused on the uninterrupted delivery of energy to our customers — not on which password to use with which app. With Centrify, they gain access to everything they need with a simple click. And we can add an additional layer of security to protect sensitive applications with MFA."

Mike Flegel, Cyber Security Specialist at London Hydro


The weighty responsibility of delivering uninterrupted electrical service combined with numerous security concerns make energy providers cautious of new technologies. Anxious to reap the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure, London Hydro selected Centrify Identity Service to safely enable the transition. Incorporating the solution’s single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and mobile-device management features, the utility has experienced increased productivity, enhanced security and a reduction in IT resource requirements.

Project Requirements
  • Transition an electrical utility network into a secure, cloud-based infrastructure
  • Deploy single-sign on (SSO) for secure app access and password consolidation
  • Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for applications that are critically sensitive and need an extra layer of security

Aha Moment

Realizing that the Centrify solution would securely connect line workers to information previously unavailable to them, and further seeing that the solution met all their requirements for mobile device management.

Bottom Line

“Centrify helped us to become the first electrical utility in Ontario to successfully adopt a cloud-first infrastructure focused on improving productivity — all while enhancing security and reducing the workload of the IT department.”