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Company Size

100 employees

“When you get a clear picture of the breadth of capabilities Centrify Privilege Service provides, you begin to understand just how many security check boxes it ticks. I’m still surprised at the number of issues I was able to address with just this single solution.”



As an Oracle consulting partner, GSI provides services for a large and rapidly-growing list of clients.  Whether they’re helping to execute specific, short-term projects or providing long-term managed services, GSI consulting teams regularly need to connect to client systems from outside the network. But connecting to so many different systems proved to be an ongoing challenge.

“With Centrify Privilege Service, I saw how one product could address all of our problems,” he says. “It would help us manage both personal and shared credentials, and any browser with the Centrify plug-in would provide network access through any device.  That alone would drastically reduce help desk support calls.”

Project Drivers

  • Ease access to client networks and decrease the time and effort required to switch from one network to another.
  • Implement MFA with high level of security to boost customer confidence.
  • Reduce the number help desk calls due to connectivity challenges.
  • Minimize the time required to solve customer issues.

Aha Moment

“Previously, it wasn’t really possible for us to have one resource connected to two separate clients at the same time. But with Centrify we can connect to multiple clients simultaneously, each through a different browser window. And we can wrap multi-factor authentication (MFA) individually around each critical resource to ensure it remains secure.”

Bottom Line

Centrify Privilege Access Manageement (PAM) provides fast, easy and secure access to GSI client resources. With Centrify, GSI consultants can now switch from one client network to another with ease, increasing productivity, speeding resolution of customer issues and improving overall service.

“We’ll soon have 80% of our clients on the Centrify system. It’s been so effective that we’ve implemented a policy that all new clients will use Centrify for remote access. It's written into the contracts.” — Matt Horn, IT Operations Manager for GSI