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Conglomerate (Cement, Energy, Concessions)

Company Size

$12.6B (2015)

“Many of the apps that our employees access hold highly sensitive company, financial and employee information, and IT had passwords to everything. Reducing our attack surface by securing ourselves against internal threats was a big concern that Centrify helped us to address.”

Paula Jaramillo, IT Coordinator at Grupo Argos


Grupo Argos has a diverse environment of SAP and Windows systems, and leverages a number of key cloud-based apps including SuccessFactors, Ariba, and Office 365. Employees use both PCs and Macs.

Outsourced IT service providers manage the SAP and Windows server environments for Grupo Argos, which helps maintain IT efficiency, but it also leaves IT management with limited visibility into what happens inside those servers. Because of its US-based holdings, Grupo Argos needed to audit privileged access management to its servers to address Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements.

In addition, secure SSO was needed for end users who were drowning in passwords and saturating the help desk with reset requests. The Centrify Identity Platform delivered complete visibility into administrative activity on the servers, user single sign-on to key apps, and improved and simplified Mac management.

Project Drivers

  • Need for visibility into activity of outsourced IT service providers
  • SOX compliance requirements due to U.S. holdings
  • Single sign-on for SAP, Office 365, Ariba and Success Factors
  • Simplified management of Mac devices

Aha Moment

The company expected that full implementation of an end-to-end identity management solution would require six months, but the Centrify Identity Platform was installed in less than 12 weeks.

Bottom Line

Grupo Argos has joined its SAP and Windows server environment with the Centrify Identity Platform and gained granular visibility into the actions taken by administrators inside their infrastructure. Grupo Argos now has full insight into how their outsource firms are managing their systems and can more easily prove SOX compliance. Centrify has also solved Mac management issues, and has delivered end users single-sign-on (SSO) for key cloud apps, significantly reducing end user frustration, downtime and calls to the helpdesk.