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Company Size

7,169 employees

“Centrify Identity Service provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and mobile device management all in one solution. That has simplified administration, alleviated strain on IT resources, saved on per user costs, and reduced our infrastructure expenses.”



At Chugai Pharmaceuticals, different solutions for SSO, MFA and EMM were used within Europe and North America. The company replaced them with Centrify’s cloud-based Identity Service to secure and manage all three areas, and in the process simplified administration, saved on IT resources and dramatically reduced the cost per user.

Chugai discovered Centrify because it was included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, along with several competitive solutions. “I studied the Gartner material to understand industry and analyst perspectives,” says Howell. “I looked at several of solutions, but when I took EMM and MFA into consideration, and the fact that Centrify would cover both cloud and on-prem apps, I really didn't need to look any further.” 

“The Centrify App Gateway allows us to provide mobile access to on-premises systems like annual leave and finance right out of the box without any network changes -- it was just a matter of clicking a check box in the app and then setting up a DNS connection,” says Howell. “Configuring additional policies like MFA requirements was also straightforward. It gave us a quick and easy deployment that also allowed us to phase out some of the VPNs we were using.”

Project Drivers

  • Simplify and centralize identity management
  • Replace the on-premises EMM tool with a cloud-based solution
  • Provide single sign-on access to web and on-prem business apps
  • Protect all business critical applications with MFA

Aha Moment

“In addition to providing integration between cloud and on-premises, Centrify also enables many other features not available in other cloud SSO solutions through its complementary CPS and Server Suite solutions.” - David Howell, IT Director for Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd.

Bottom Line

“Today, with Centrify, we’ve got one centralized identity management solution that covers our single-sign-on needs across all apps and addresses our EMM and MFA requirements as well. That has saved us money and IT resources, and allows us to build very specific policies around application access.” - David Howell, IT Associate Director for Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd.