Interval International

Large integration projects and outsourced applications development at Interval International required granular management of privilege. Centrify’s patented Zone technology provided least-access and least-privilege security models for easy implementation across diverse users, systems and roles.

With Centrify, we get a complete, holistic view of all activity across a given cluster of servers according to assigned privileges, and we can ensure regular user accounts are not elevated to root admin level.

Sasan Hamidi, Former CISO, Interval International


Due to a period of rapid organic growth combined with a series of acquisitions at Interval International, a constant flow of consultants, contractors and temp workers were accessing the environment. As a result, the company needed to carefully manage who had access to what.

Originally, the company’s data center was mostly Windows with a small number of Linux servers. A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was used to provide a much more robust platform deployed on top of Linux clusters which solved many challenges, but in the process the Linux environment grew to over 700 servers.

Project Drivers

  • Bridge a fast-growing Linux environment with Active Directory.
  • Implement a least privilege model for employees, contractors and consultants.
  • Help to meet and prove compliance with PCI guidelines.

The Solution

Interval International leveraged the following Centrify Zero Trust Privilege capabilities to achieve their objectives:


Aha Moment

Centrify’s patented Zone technology provides least-access and least-privilege security models for easy implementation across diverse users, systems and roles. Beyond the security aspect, Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solution saves Interval International a significant amount of time, money and resources.

I don’t want outsiders that somehow get insider credentials to gain extensive privileges. I need to minimize my attack surface wherever possible. Centrify Zone technology has been instrumental in this effort, and it was very easy to implement.

Sasan Hamidi, Former CISO, Interval International

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