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Company Size

500 employees

“Within the first year, we’ll achieve a 200% return on our Centrify investment in licensing fees alone. If we figure in the cost of updating our previous solution, we’ll break even in a matter of weeks.”

Jarrett Swereda, Senior Business Analyst, CAA Saskatchewan


CAA’s legacy solution controlled access to over 200 travel sites, but offered no centralized management and prevented the company from upgrading its operating system and leveraging new mobile technologies. 

Centrify provided CAA Saskatchewan a solution for their Windows-centric environment that would authenticate across many travel sites, enable single sign-on (SSO) access to all of its key business applications and address a variety of customization requirements.

Project Requirements

  • Replace legacy system with a solution that provided cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device support for use across the entire organization
  • The ability to enable and disable accounts and grant specific role-based access through Active Directory
  • Single sign-on for users via a low-maintenance SaaS solution

Aha Moment

Visibility into who is connecting to which specific pages and apps and for how long allows the company to audit and record access, tighten security and help ascertain which apps and pages are driving the greatest business value.

Bottom Line

CAA has experienced significant cost savings through reduced maintenance fees, help-desk calls and internal development costs, combined with multi-device support, increased security, and the ability to incorporate new, productivity enhancing technologies.