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Company Size

850 employees

“With Centrify, we have a 100% cloud-based identity solution that provides authentication, provisioning and de-provisioning, SSO, MDM, Mac management, and the ability to track which users are logging into which apps and services.”



Apttus is a completely cloud-based company with a very small on-site infrastructure. 700% growth in two years left the company struggling to manage employee access to a large number of SaaS apps. The company needed to provide single sign-on, ease the onboarding process with user provisioning and incorporate reporting capabilities to simplify audits. 

Several SaaS applications are in use including Salesforce.com, NetSuite, Concur, Dropbox and Office 365. Apttus and has leveraged Microsoft’s Azure platform to house domain controllers and cloud connectors in the cloud with a VPN connection back to the data center. 

Project Requirements

  • Single sign-on to ease user password sprawl
  • Reduce IT administration requirements for a rapidly growing number of employees
  • Implement a more robust and secure identity management strategy
  • Ability to manage Macs and other mobile devices
  • Future SOX compliance requirements

Aha Moment

We had a burgeoning — and now growing — Mac population, especially in the executive ranks,” says Steve Winter, IT Director for Apttus. “Registering MacBooks like mobile devices is a major benefit, and using the Centrify Mac OS client gives us a lot of flexibility because it integrates the Macs into Active Directory.” 

Bottom Line

“What impressed me the most about Centrify was the speed at which we could roll out the whole solution. Once we had our users in Active Directory, we worked closely with SoftwareONE and Centrify’s Professional Services team to execute a very quick process,” says Winter.