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More than 5,000 organizations have turned to Centrify to secure their identities against cyberthreats.

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Gained visibility into outsourced IT, solved Mac management issues and implemented cloud SSO

New offices can be opened quickly, with employees productive across desktop and mobile on Day One

Saved thousands in AD FS hardware and admin costs as well as Box and Office 365 licensing fees

Featured Customers

Integrated Linux servers into Active Directory, reduced privileged accounts, eliminated shared passwords

Implemented SSO to increase security, make users more productive and improve IT administration

Replaced three products with Centrify for SSO, MFA and EMM. Implemented on-prem App Gateway

Needed a simpler, more secure way to access client networks through a variety of remote devices

Extended CAC smart card authentication across Windows, Linux and Mac for HSPD-12 compliance

Replaced an SSO solution that couldn’t scale for its 7,000 employees and third party collaborators

Implemented Centrify as the foundation for its cloud-first infrastructure including EMM and MFA

Joined Macs to corporate domain, easily pushed 802.1X policies and implemented File Vault

Reduces attack surface by managing privilege for internal and outsourced IT across diverse systems

Rapidly transitioned 2,000 employees to the cloud with secure SSO to apps including Office 365

Selected Centrify for Office 365 federation and for secure SSO, MFA to meet GLBA compliance

Joined Macs to corporate domain, easily pushed 802.1X policies and implemented File Vault

Secures patient information and helps ensure HIPPA compliance with SSO to more than 200 apps

Saved an estimated $50,000 a year in AD FS costs and negated the need for a separate EMM solution

Simplified provisioning with SSO, and improved security with MFA

Implemented secure user access to all mobile apps from any location for employees working in the field

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