Start Your Engines! It’s Zero Trust Privilege Test Drive Season!

February 28, 2019

As organizations struggle to protect the ever-expanding attack surface, they not only have to secure access to infrastructure, databases, and network devices, but also extend security controls to cloud environments.

The modern threatscape now includes Big Data projects, DevSecOps, and hundreds of containers or microservices that represent what used to be a single server.

At Centrify, we believe that legacy PAM solutions simply are not capable of securing modern enterprise attack surfaces. That’s why we have a vision of redefining legacy PAM with cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege.

Yet, as with anything, knowing how, when and where to start or progress in the PAM journey can be an overwhelming experience.

The best way to overcome that uncertainty? Take a test drive! And even better – we’re bringing the experience to you!



Centrify invites users to test drive our solution and get first-hand knowledge about how to protect their enterprise from hackers and stop the leading cause of data breaches ― privileged credential abuse.

We’re coming to 3 U.S. cities this spring. Attendees will bring their own laptop or tablet to the events and self-select the session they want to attend. They’ll take a series of test drives via CloudShare and learn first-hand how the Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services secure privileged credentials, reduce risk by covering today’s expanded attack surfaces, and future-proof security.


The morning session is dedicated to exploring privileged access management for environments that don’t currently have a password vault and are managing passwords with spreadsheets or other at-risk methodologies.

A recent Centrify survey of 1,000 IT decision makers found that 52% do not have a password vault. A password vault is a foundational solution to reduce risk of privileged credential abuse!

Storing privileged credentials in spreadsheets not only will fail an audit, but will also fail to protect what hackers prize most—your company’s “keys to the digital kingdom.” Without a password vault (at a minimum) your organization is putting your data, IP, and reputation at risk.


After a provided lunch, the afternoon session is dedicated to venturing beyond the password vault to harden security postures and ensure that privileged access is secure.

Risk and regulations have evolved ― the ever-expanding attack surface requires modern privileged access management as you go beyond password vaulting.

Centrify has a 3-step implementation methodology that can help you reduce risk and strengthen your security posture with a Zero Trust approach, no matter where you are in the maturity journey.



There is no better time than now to start or continue your PAM projects, no matter where you are on your PAM journey.

Gartner just named PAM a Top 10 Security Project for 2019, the second year in a row it’s been on the list. What are you waiting for? Find the city nearest you and sign up for your Centrify test drive today!

March 19, 2019: Rosemont, IL

March 27, 2019: Marietta, GA

May 9, 2019: Dallas, TX

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