At SecurIT in New York, it’s a Zero Trust State of Mind

October 22, 2018

On October 29-30, Centrify will proudly sponsor the second SecurIT: the Zero Trust Summit for CIOs and CISOs in New York City. Produced by CIO and CSO from IDG in partnership with Centrify, the two-day event will focus on how to capitalize on the adoption wave of Zero Trust to stay ahead of the security curve.

The summit will be held at the Grand Hyatt New York, which is the only hotel connected to the majestic Grand Central Terminal. It’s an amazing venue that visually stuns with ballrooms evoking the history and splendor of New York and its amazing skyline.


The events on October 29 are invitation-only, and will be jam-packed with workshops and labs that bring Zero Trust to life, providing best practices and real-life examples of how to reduce risk and secure the enterprise.

On October 30, the general session will highlight speakers and topics that are top of mind for C-level executives leading the fight against the modern threatscape. The session will also be LIVE STREAMED so you can follow along if you are not in NYC – you can sign up for it here:

Exhibiting solutions partners will be on-site, sharing integrated solutions representing a more holistic Zero Trust ecosystem, including Aptris, ClearSkye, Cylance, Exabeam, Idaptive, Identropy, McAfee, Netskope, SailPoint, and Tehama.

6 things you won’t want to miss at SecurIT: the Zero Trust Summit

1. Tony Scott feels the need…the need for Zero Trust

Tony Scott (no, not the Top Gun Director) is a former CIO of the U.S. Federal Government. If that’s not enough to immediately convince you that he’s probably seen it all, he was also CIO of VMWare, Microsoft and The Walt Disney Corporation. Oh, and he was also CTO of General Motors. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one.


2. John Kindervag: the Godfather of Zero Trust

When John was an analyst at Forrester Research, he actually founded the concept of Zero Trust and how companies should move beyond the old adage of “trust, but verify” and instead adopt a “never trust, always verify” approach to win the Cyberwar. He’s a legend.

3. Chase Cunningham will clearly tell you what Zero Trust is, and why it matters

Chase is a Forrester analyst who has taken the Zero Trust torch from John Kindervag and evolved the ZTX framework with concepts and strategies that will turn any security officer from “Zero to Hero.” Believe me when I say that when he talks about the difference between security and compliance, it’s visually graphic.

4. Akamai, BNY Mellon, and Hackensack Meridian Health keep it real

There’s nothing more refreshing than hearing executives talk about the actual challenges they’ve faced, and how they’ve challenged themselves to overcome them. The C-level execs you’ll hear from at SecurIT all recognized that Zero Trust represented a better way. They’ll tell you why.

5. A new Centrify, Zero Trust Privilege, and a new spunout company, Idaptive

In case you haven’t heard, it’s been a busy summer and fall for Centrify. Thoma Bravo took a majority investment in us, and we’ve recently announced that we’re spinning out our IDaaS business into a new company called Idaptive, while Centrify sharpens it’s focus on redefining PAM with cloud-architected Zero Trust Privilege. Tim Steinkopf, our CFO-named-CEO effective January 1, will tell you how we’re taking a more modern approach to stop the leading cause of breaches — privileged access abuse. Corey Williams will detail how Idaptive delivers Next-Gen Access, protecting organizations from data breaches through a Zero Trust approach.

6. The Human Element

Behind all of this is one clear truth: we’re all human, we’re all fallible, and that’s why none of us should be trusted. Dr. Erroll G. Southers, Managing Director, Counter-Terrorism and Infrastructure Protection at TAL Global, will make his case that the uptick in threats to national security and public safety (virtual and physical) is due to an often-overlooked common denominator – the human element. That’s why trust must be removed completely from the equation.

It’s not too late to request your invitation to attend. We hope you’ll join us in New York City. Learn more at

To paraphase Billy Joel, “I know what I’m needin’ and I don’t want to waste more time, I’m in a Zero Trust state of mind.”

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