Reflecting on Centrify’s Rethink Security Approach

August 21, 2017

In the last 12 months, Centrify is the only company to be acknowledged for it’s  vision and leadership in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Management-as-a-Service,  The Forrester Wave: Privileged Identity Management, and in the Gartner Critical Capabilities for IDaaS Research for Workforce to SaaS, 2016. These acknowledgements demonstrate our growing influence in the industry with a unique point of view for customers who recognize the increased value in securing access for all enterprise identities in one, built from the ground up platform vs. the point solutions offered by others in the industry.


Our mantra has been and continues to be “Rethink Security,” and that today’s security is not secure! A stunning two thirds of enterprises are still getting breached and 81% -- let’s repeat that-- 81% of the breaches today are due to compromised, stolen or weak passwords. That’s insane.

Something’s Got to Change.

The identity-scape of today is facing more than one enemy. It’s facing the status quo because security of today must follow identities not just securing endpoints or firewalls. Identities are a “wide open door” to cybercriminals today literally baiting them to “enter here.” And “enter here” they do – every week. The latest was HBO’s breach. Who’s next?

Piecemealing identity point solutions together at greater cost, with greater gaps, and a greater number of breaches is not the answer either.

So what is? What if there was a trifecta of identity security, with three industry leading services together: privilege access security, and application and endpoint accesses? And no gaps. Period. Centrify Identity Services.

Turns out Centrify is the inevitable destination of the long journey through cyber security. To finally stop the breach.

Our challenge is to illustrate just how easily that can be done.

So, we decided it was time to raise our voices above the din of point-solution providers to show that identity and access management (IAM/IDaaS) and privileged identity management (PIM) are not only complementary, but interdependent -- intertwined throughout the fabric of the security ecosystem.

And raise our voices, we have. We worked with 1185, a digital brand agency, and at RSA in February we launched our brand refresh with advertisements, ebooks and speaking engagements. In the last couple of weeks, however, we’ve redesigned our website as well as launched a new 30-second and two-minute video to communicate our point of view.

Rethink Security Video

Challenging the status quo typically isn’t an easy thing to do, so we called on the award-winning, LA-based design studio yU+CO, and asked them to help us tell the story. They hit the nail on the head.

Our goal was to use statistics and powerful visuals to grab the attention of the viewer and show how essential it is to change the status quo, because, simply put, it isn’t working.

  • Compromised passwords comprise 2/3 of all data breaches
  • 80% of security breaches involve the misuse of privileged credentials
  • Over a billion users have been impacted, stock prices have plunged, presidential elections have been influenced and yet, the vast majority of companies are still breached 5 times or more

All this despite the fact that companies spent over $75 billion on security last year.

In the video, we used the same kaleidoscope imagry we had launched our brand with at RSA to visually represent several concepts. One, the ever-shifting digital canvas. The unknown results. The chaotic mess when the kaleidoscope is out of sync. And, two the beauty of the perfect geometric solution -- when all components work together to create order out of chaos. But perhaps most of all, the kaleidoscope represents the transition into the next dimension of security, which will be both multi-faceted and ever-changing.

The Breach Stops Here

We’ve also extended these concepts to our new website, where our goal was twofold. First, we wanted visitors to understand that with a holistic approach via a single platform, the breach can be stopped.

Second, we use the website to create an experience and tell a story; one that would help organizations recognize that a few point solutions spread around the enterprise doesn't mean you're fully protected.

And it effectively redoubles our efforts to educate visitors about the threats they're facing; why organizations like Yahoo, Target and the DNC have experienced such extraordinary security challenges, and what they need to do to avoid these same issues. The early response has been outstanding. The message is resonating.

At Centrify, our goal is the partner with you to Rethink your security. The status quo is not working. Let’s do something about it!

Learn how to rethink security with our e-book, “Rethink Security: A Massive Paradigm Shift in the Age of Access.”

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