CENTRIFY REPORT: Reducing Risk in Cloud Migrations

November 21, 2019

Last week, Centrify published a new report about the increasing risk organizations are under as they migrate to the cloud.

Specifically, we surveyed over 700 IT and security professionals around the world about what’s driving them to move workloads to the cloud, what are the main challenges they are facing, and how Privileged Access Management (PAM) is figuring into their cloud security strategies.

The results are somewhat alarming, finding that while security is listed as the top challenge by 60% of respondents, widespread misunderstanding of the Shared Responsibility Model when it comes to securing privileged access to cloud environments.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT NOW: bit.ly/CentrifyCloudReport

The majority of respondents simply still don’t grasp that securing the cloud infrastructure is the responsibility of the cloud service provider, but it is the job of the organization to secure administrative access to the cloud as well as the workloads that are going into the cloud environment.

The report also found that:

  • 68% of organizations are not implementing Privileged Access Management (PAM) best practices in cloud environments
  • 51% are taking different approaches to controlling access to cloud workloads than they do with their traditional on-premises environments, instead of employing a common security model.
  • 76% are using more than one identity directory, potentially leaving them exposed to “identity sprawl”

We were also fortunate to have Nick Cavalancia from Techvangelism, who conducted the survey on our behalf and co-wrote the report, join us for a webinar last week to provide more insights about the results. You can view that webinar below.

Download YOUR complimentary copy of the report to learn how you can reduce risk in your cloud migrations: bit.ly/CentrifyCloudReport

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