Centrify Named a Leader in the KuppingerCole Privilege Management Leadership Compass

June 15, 2017

KuppingerCole just released the KuppingerCole Privilege Management, Leadership Compass. And I am excited to announce that Centirfy has been named a Leader!

Centrify’s privileged access security solution received the highest ratings -- strong positive -- for functionality, security, integration and usability.


This year’s Leadership Compass expanded the definition of the PxM market, acknowledging the need for managing the ownership and knowing all privileged accounts, both individual and shared accounts,” not just vaulted passwords! This is an exciting change, and requires the approach that Centrify has advocated for over a decade. To truly reduce the risk of being breached you need to minimize your attack surface by reducing the number of accounts that grant privilege across your on-premises and cloud environments. This means fewer shared accounts in your vault and fewer individual identities per user. This can easily be achieved by granting all users a single identity, getting them to log in as themselves and granting them just enough privilege to do their jobs and only when they need it, while vaulting the privileged accounts that must be shared.

Not only are our customers increasing their security -- to stop the breach -- with these best practices they’ve helped us develop, but their IT admins are happy, because logging in as themselves, elevating privilege as they need it and reducing the frequency of password checkouts from the vault means fewer changes to their daily routine.

The report says the solutions who achieved leadership status are,

“Providing tightly integrated offerings that cover all major features” because, “customers prefer such integrated approaches over a variety of disparate, non-integrated or only loosely coupled offerings.”

Centrify’s privileged access security solution was built from the ground-up, in-house, by a single engineering team. Our comprehensive solution closes security gaps created by cobbling multiple products together with a solution that controls privileged access across infrastructure, apps and endpoints. Centrify’s privileged access security solution seamlessly secures privileged access by combining password vaulting with brokering of identities, MFA enforcement and just-enough privilege, all while securing remote access and monitoring all privileged sessions.”

Centrify’s Privileged Identity Management solution includes Centrify Server Suite and Centrify Privilege Service, which together provide what our customers need to address today’s growing gap in security, visibility and control over privileged access.

We are proud to be recognized as a leader in the Privileged Identity Management (PIM) market, once again! This further validates our leadership in the Forrester Wave: Privileged Identity Management, Q3 2016. Read the full report here.

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