Centrify named “Overall Leader” in KuppingerCole IDaaS Leadership Compass

July 6, 2017

Centrify is pleased to announce that KuppingerCole Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Leadership Compass Report names Centrify “Overall Leader.” The report also highlights Centrify’s leadership in innovation, product features and market reach.

KuppingerCole is a leading analyst covering Identity and Access Management (IAM). This report is the most current and comprehensive look at the IDaaS market, which is one of the fastest growing segments in the Security and Identity markets. According to Jeff Edwards of Solutions Review, The IDaaS market is exploding and it is predicted

“that by 2020, 40 percent of IAM purchases will use the IDaaS delivery model, a two-fold increase from less than 20 percent today. Perhaps more important is that 40 percent of those IDaaS implications will fully replace on-premises IAM implementations."

Let’s take a closer look at the report. The report ranks over 20 vendors in the IDaaS space across four categories of leadership — overall, product, innovation and market leadership. Centrify ranks as a leader in all four categories, and Martin Kuppinger, the author of the report adds that “Centrify has emerged from being a provider of Microsoft Active Directory to Unix integration to become a leading supplier of IDaaS SSO solutions.” When discussing which of the 20+ vendors should be considered, Martin concludes “Centrify Identity Services counts among the offerings that are a logical candidate for shortlists.”


The report rates Centrify with a “strong positive” for security, integration and market position. Martin goes on to note that,

“When looking at Innovation Leadership, Centrify is slightly ahead of the others, based on strong mobile support, good integration to on-premise environments, and other specific features such as Privilege Management capabilities.”

Centrify Identity Services offers powerful risk analytics fueling adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) services along with “strong mobile management." Martin concludes that “Centrify has matured to become a leading-edge offering in the IDaaS market.”

The leadership position in Innovation fuels our placement in the technology leadership matrix:


As well as the Innovation/Market matrix:


We are particularly proud of the report calling out that “a unique capability is its integration with Centrify’s Privilege Service.” We know that 80% of breaches are due to compromised privileged credentials. Privileged Access Management and Privileged Identity Management are key solutions need to protect the most pressing access management challenge companies face today. The powerful combination of single sign-on, risk-based adaptive MFA and privileged access security is uniquely suited to stopping breaches.

Centrify continues to challenge companies to rethink security from legacy static perimeter-based approach to protecting the millions of scattered connections across the hybrid enterprise leveraging Identity Services.

Download a complimentary copy of this report here.

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