What's Next from Google Cloud: Scenes from Google Next

March 13, 2017

Google Cloud last week had their big event in San Francisco, gathering Partners, customers and Googlers alike to talk about Google Cloud and its bright future. Centrify was proud to sponsor this event, and we had a presence in the Partner Playground, which allowed us to visit with hundreds of Google Next attendees to understand what they were doing with Google Cloud.


Of course we spoke with Centrify customers, Google customers and some prospective customers, but interestingly, most of these conversations were with those who are already using software as a service (SaaS) or identity as a service (IDaaS) today.

What has emerged is that there is fairly broad adoption of G-Suite for collaboration. Which means that there is an increasing number of companies who manage identity using Google Directory. Most notably, a lot of people are interested in using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but would like to manage users with Google Directory. When we told these folks that Centrify could make this happen with our Identity Broker we had their attention.

This is quite powerful as it means that Google can achieve its goal of getting higher adoption for GCP by marketing this service to their G-Suite customers and this is in fact their strategy as we heard at Google Next.  Centrify can enable G-Suite customers and by extension Google to make this transition easy with the capability to extend Google Directory to servers in GCP.  We were excited by the validation of our approach during the conference and we are looking forward to the conversations to come as we expand our footprint with Google and its customers.

Our CEO, Tom Kemp, also shared his thoughts on Google Next and you can now replay this thoughtful interview with theCUBE here:


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