Centrify Wins PC Magazine’s 2017 Identity Management Solutions Editor’s Choice Award

July 13, 2017

PC Magazine recently published a review of the top 2017 Identity Management Solutions and we are pleased to announce that Centrify was one of only three vendors that received the Editors’ Choice Award! The Editors’ Choice is awarded annually to products/services that rise above similar products in their categories and the products under consideration have been reviewed by expert analysts in PCMag Labs.

Specific features that were commended by PC Magazine were capabilities such as robust reporting, easy to use on-premises app, quick integration with user identities from social networks, and our risk-based authentication that leverages machine learning. Our user provisioning was also a feature that sets us apart from the competition, “among the best we’ve seen” due to powerful workflows, ability to use scripts to customize behavior, and the ability to adjust to individual needs.


PC Mag also lauded our “absolute cutting edge” analytics capabilities. Centrify Analytics Services applies machine learning to determine in real time whether access is being requested from a legitimate user or from an attacker who has compromised that users’ account. Based on the level of risk, the user can then be allowed, prompted for further authentication or blocked entirely. The callout is further validation to Centrify’s investment in this area – analytics is more than just a “nice to have”.  Analytics will enable identity solutions to become more strategic – beyond just defining policies and controlling access. More importantly, they can now offer deeper visibility into events taking place within and outside the corporate network. Ultimately organizations will have the capability to generate actionable intelligence through deeper insights and better control from analytics.

We believe this recent recognition from PC Magazine, coupled with KuppingerCole’s 2017 Leadership Compass for Identity as a Service Report, once again validates Centrify’s position as a top vendor in the IDaaS market, alongside our leadership in the privileged identity market.

Click here for PCMag’s full review of Centrify.

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