Ushering in a Cybersecurity Renaissance with the World’s Top Experts

October 2, 2017

As CEO Tom Kemp mentioned in his recent blog post, Centrify has reengineered its annual user group event to more comprehensively tackle the many security issues facing organizations today. As the thought leader partner for CyberConnect 2017, ICIT has spent the last several months building a powerful curriculum which will empower business and technical leaders tasked with defending their organizations from digital threats. The result is a program that will inspire, educate, and ultimately help bring order to organizations developing strategies to survive in today’s cyber kinetic meta war.

At ICIT, we believe we’ve entered a new paradigm where old approaches to security are no longer viable. Success requires a cybersecurity renaissance, led by new technologies, new vendors, new thought leaders and yes, new events, designed to better educate and guide companies looking to respond more effectively to current threats.

A key component to accomplishing this monumental task is creating forums for today’s global cybersecurity experts to share new outlooks and proven ideas; thought leaders that see beyond the status quo and can shine a light on the best path forward. To that end, we’re excited to announce the following speaker tracks for CyberConnect 2017, in New York City on November 6th and 7th.


Securing a Nation Amid Change: A Roadmap to Freedom

General (Ret) Keith B. Alexander, Former Director NSA and Commander, U.S. Cyber Command

Former NSA Director and four-star army General (Ret) Keith B. Alexander will kick off the event with a keynote discussion focused on primary threats at the national level. This talk will cover nation-states, mercenaries and other adversaries that pose the most serious threats against the interests of the US, its organizations and its critical infrastructures. Gen. Alexander will provide insight and guidance into how public and private sector entities can prioritize and defend against these threats, which starts by working together to improve the resiliency of critical networks, devices and data.

Pervasive Security: Protecting your Organization in a Global Supply Chain

Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain, Cisco Systems Inc.

Today's digital acceleration is creating a digital vortex in which business models, products and value chains are digitized to the maximum possible extent. A critical but often overlooked requirement of this digital vortex is pervasive security -- that is, the right security, in the right place, at the right time. During this talk, we hear from one of the world's leading security experts on these concepts and learn how we must prioritize our business decisions to be successful as a business and a member of the global community.

Security Orchestration: Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Automate and Empower

Jason Witty, CISO, U.S. Bank

Today's CISO must defend their organization in an environment flooded with vendors and products while facing a shortage of skilled cybersecurity practitioners. During this session, we hear how one of the largest financial institutions in the world has developed a mature program which leverages multiple security technologies and is transforming indicators of compromise into triggers for automated responses and intelligence, resulting in a dynamic and real-time ready security organization.

Model Driven Security -- Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

Jim Routh, CISO, AETNA

Artificial Intelligence and specifically machine learning (ML) is often cited as providing great promise for cybersecurity controls and capabilities and representing the future. Jim is going to share his journey in pursuit of ML driven security controls and how his initial assumptions changed dramatically. The talent development implications of model driven security are significant and Jim will share his plans going forward.

Creating a Culture of Trust to Improve Cybersecurity

The Honorable Theresa Grafenstine, Inspector General, US House of Representatives

Having served over seven years as Inspector General of the US House of Representatives, Theresa Grafenstine is responsible for planning and leading independent, non-partisan audits, advisories, and investigations of the financial and administrative functions of the House. In this presentation, Ms. Grafenstine will illustrate how the IG office has evolved from a potential adversary into an invaluable partner of Congress. Through building a culture of trust, the two entities have moved IT and security operations forward exponentially. Ms. Grafenstine’s success inside the political environment should serve as inspiration for those facing similar challenges within their organizations.

Nation State Corporate Espionage

Bart Mallio, Director, Information Security & Threat Analyst, Rockefeller University; James Scott, Co-Founder & Sr. Fellow, ICIT; Parham Eftekhair, Co-Founder & Sr. Fellow, ICIT

Rockefeller University Director of Information Security Bart Mallio and ICIT Sr. Fellow James Scott team to share the most recent ICIT research on advanced persistent threats and examine the profiles of various APT groups. The talk will highlight current US adversaries and rogue states and explore how those entities are targeting and impacting the commercial sector and the critical infrastructure to steal information and increase their influence as world powers.

Rethink Security

Tom Kemp, CEO, Centrify

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp will focus on the current state of security and explain why today’s hybrid IT environment requires new security models. Last year, over $80 billion was spent on cybersecurity (Gartner), yet 2/3 of organizations were still breached. Kemp will analyze the role identity plays in cyberattacks and show how rethinking our approach to security with a focus on effective identity management can protect organizations against most common cyberattacks and reduce the risk of breaches by over 50 percent.

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CyberConnect 2017 was designed to be highly collaborative and engaging and has content appropriate for both C-level executives and practitioners from across all sectors, all of whom will have ability to share information, ask questions, obtain real-world advice from experts and network with peers. You can register here.

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