Confronting the New Cyber Security Reality: Part 2

April 12, 2017

Since 2013, breaches have compromised nearly six billion records—that’s an average of almost four million records every day and over 162,000 records every hour!

It’s time to face the facts. Today’s security is no longer secure.


Enterprise networks have expanded beyond traditional perimeters to include more devices, apps (on-premises and in the cloud) and people. In the absence of these boundaries, the identities that make up modern enterprises are easier to compromise than ever before, and hackers are targeting these identities at an alarming rate. In fact, Forrester estimates 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials. Traditional security approaches, like passwords and other perimeter-based methods, are no longer adequate forms of protection in the current threatscape—and failing to acknowledge this new security reality can have serious repercussions.

The results of cyber security complacency will cost you—both in terms of your bottom line and your company’s reputation with customers and stakeholders. The latest projections expect cybercrime-related damage will exceed $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Take Home Depot, for example. After a 2014 data breach that compromised the payment card information of more than 50 million customers, the home improvement retail company agreed to pay at least $19.5 million to cardholders affected by the attack. In order to mitigate the damage to its reputation, Home Depot set up a $13 million fund to reimburse shoppers who experienced out-of-pocket losses and hired a chief information security officer to oversee a new data security initiative.

To protect your enterprises from data breaches and financial ruin, a massive rethink of security strategy is required. This infographic highlights the business impact of relying on outdated perimeter-based approaches and the cost savings and risk reduction gains that can be realized when security follows identity.

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