Three Discussions CISOs Should Expect When Attending CyberConnect

October 23, 2017

I’m really excited to announce that CyberConnect 2017 is nearly sold out! And, I’m even more excited to attend the 30+ keynotes and panels, and collaborate with over 40 thought leader speakers during the event.


In fact, collaboration is at the core of CyberConnect. Unlike traditional events, CyberConnect integrates thought leadership, collaborative roundtable sessions and in-depth training designed to arm executives and practitioners alike with the tools and confidence needed to defend their organizations against today’s hyper evolving adversary.

So, with collaboration in mind, I’d like to share three topics that CISOs can expect to discuss at the conference.

How to Keep Your Organization Secure While Addressing Business Concerns

For CISOs, it is always a challenge to communicate the importance of cybersecurity to executives and board members. How do you communicate the ROI of implementing cybersecurity best practices? With breaches making headlines almost every week, it is paramount that CISOs know how to discuss, in business terms, the importance of securing their enterprises.

One way for CISOs to do so is to use past breach examples, and sadly, there are many. Just look at Equifax’s breach -- its stock price plummeted 13-14 percent the day after its breach became public. Even more glaring examples are Yahoo! and Chipotle. Yahoo! saw its acquisition price lowered by $350 million and Chipotle suffered a loss of $400 million in shareholder value, following their respective breaches. The stakes for properly securing access to corporate resources and handling security incidents couldn’t be higher. And, it needs to start with enterprises discussing how cybersecurity impacts the business, and what best practices need to be followed in order to protect against a breach.


Identity Best Practices That Industry Leaders Are Following

As I discussed in my last blog, companies spend a meager 4.7 percent of their total security budgets on identity and access management (IAM)*. Yet, compromised credentials are responsible for 80 percent of all data breaches. That’s a frustrating disconnect, and it’s time to talk about why this needs to end.

During my and Tom Kemp’s keynote, we’ll share how IAM can protect your organization against the majority of cyberattacks. We’ll discuss our maturity model and what practices organizations need to implement to go from the “danger zone” to having optimal security. This includes consolidating identities, implementing MFA everywhere and enforcing least privilege.


What To Do If You Are Hacked

As a CISO, this is one on of your biggest fears. Cricket Liu’s session on the second day of CyberConnect will take attendees through the anatomy of a hack. Moreover, he will share insights on what we must do at an organization and societal level in order to change the course and mitigate future attacks.

CyberConnect is a chance for CISOs and companies to share their experiences and help each other protect against breaches. It’s a chance for everyone to rethink the traditional endpoint and firewall security approach, and understand why identity security is critical to effectively reduce the likelihood of a data breach.

Curious to learn more? Read about some our speakers here! And, watch our video on this discussion below!

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