Centrify Launches Zero Trust Security Network Ecosystem

June 13, 2018

The world has changed. I'm not sure if it was the HBO breach, Equifax, Yahoo, or one of the many breaches since, but after one of those we at Centrify realized it was one breach too many.

As we looked at how the breaches were increasing in number, size, and severity we knew we had to do something different. How could we better protect our customers who are struggling under the weight of thousands of passwords and hundreds of ways to access applications/devices/servers?


The answer lies in Zero Trust Security. The idea that we can no longer trust anyone attempting to access our networks and that we must verify in multiple ways who it is before giving them access to protected resources.

Today we've announced how our view of the world has changed and why we believe Zero Trust is the way forward in this breach-happy environment.

Specifically, Centrify has announced the formation of the Zero Trust Security Network–an ecosystem of like-minded companies who have partnered with Centrify to offer integrated capabilities to their customers that protect against data breaches. These partners span a broad swath of areas including Analytics, Big Data, Collaboration, Communications, Cloud, CRM, Customer Service, Education, ERP, Finance, HR, IT Workflows, Productivity, and Security.

By sharing data and integrating deeply within these areas, customers can implement a Zero Trust approach and uplevel their security.

Technology ecosystems have long been a necessity, but are even more so now. There is no one technology or vendor that can protect you. It takes a concerted effort to adopt Zero Trust Security, and we believe the Zero Trust Security Network makes it easier and more efficient for Centrify customers to start down and continue that journey.

Today, Centrify and other industry leaders will be sharing best practices around Zero Trust and the changes that are swirling around us at SecurIT: the Zero Trust Summit for CIOs and CSOs. SecurIT is a complimentary one-day event that challenges the cybersecurity status quo and suggests a rethink of enterprise security around Zero Trust.

Please join us live in San Francisco for the event or click here to view the live stream: https://info.centrify.com/ztsummit-livestream.html

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