Centrify Booth 2410: Your Destination for All Things Zero Trust Security at BlackHat USA

August 1, 2018

BlackHat USA 2018 kicks off in Las Vegas next week, the 21st year that the information security event has brought together thousands of cybersecurity professionals. BlackHat is always a unique event in that it devotes a heavier portion of its agenda to technical trainings, skill-building, and research briefings for practical cybersecurity learning, followed by a shorter main conference we typically encounter at a “trade show.” It’s also co-located with DEFCON, a hacker convention that takes place immediately following BlackHat – that’s always interesting.

Whether you go to the whole event, just the technical sessions, or the Business Hall (aka The Expo), it’s unlike any other security conference. As a leading provider of Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access, Centrify wouldn’t miss BlackHat, and we hope that you’ll keep an eye out for us while you’re in Las Vegas.

I think you’ll be surprised by how much we show up and make an impact, as we make our case that security needs a complete rethink. The status quo is not working. The days of defined perimeters are over, and a “trust, but verify” approach simply doesn’t work in today’s mobile-first, cloud-dominated environment where identity is the primary attack vector. The new mandate is: “Never trust, always verify.”

Come See Us at BlackHat

Below are the event details and a few reasons why you don’t want to miss Centrify at BlackHat USA 2018.

Date: August 4-9, 2018 (Business Hall is open Wednesday 10-7 & Thursday 10-5)

Location: Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

Centrify Booth: Booth 2410 in the Oceanside Ballroom, near the Innovation Theater

Step off the plane and into the Land of Zero Trust

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at McCarran International Airport will be us! We’re basically taking over the Airport Concourses, Trams, Taxi Lines and Parking Garages. Keep an eye out for our new “Land of Zero Trust” creative campaign – we hope it will leave you wanting to learn more about our take on Zero Trust at our booth.

Meet one-on-one with a Centrify Zero Trust Security expert

Centrify executives and top security experts will be on hand to meet attendees interested in discussing Centrify’s approach to Zero Trust Security, looking for advice on specific infrastructure challenges, viewing a private demo or just chatting about trends in cybersecurity.

Appointments are scheduled in 30 min increments to meet with our chief product architects, and can be requested by sending an email to execbriefings@centrify.com.

Three words: FREE lip balm

If you’ve been to Vegas before, you know why this is a must. Maybe you haven’t been in August, but you probably know that humans are not supposed to live in 100+ F desert heat, where the environment tries to extract every ounce of water from your body. We’re giving away free Centrify-branded lip balm at our booth. For the sake of your lips, please…come by. (we’ll be giving out free stickers too!)

The Centrify Theater featuring our Zero Trust Ecosystem partners

We have a great lineup of partners speaking on a broad range of topics in our booth over two days. We’ll post the schedule in another blog soon so you can plan accordingly to come by and hear from Bitglass, Cylance, Fortinet, Intel, McAfee, Netskope, and Yubico during the event.

You want to hear one of the top minds in the industry talk Zero Trust Security

Centrify Vice President of Product Strategy David McNeely presents: “Risk and Behavior-Based Access Controls Drive Zero Trust Security

Date: Thursday, August 9 at 3:40 pm

Location: Business Hall, Theater B

Click here for the presentation abstract

Do you feel lucky? Well…do ya?

It’s Las Vegas. You’re bound to do some gambling while you’re there. Well, what if you could win without having to wager anything? Say…an iPhone X? Or a gaming bundle? We’ll be raffling off 2 iPhoneX phones and 4 KontrolFreek prize bundles (worth $150 each) on BOTH DAYS, but you can’t win if you don’t come to our booth and get a raffle ticket.


We hope to see you next week at BlackHat USA 2018 in Las Vegas, and don’t forget to follow Centrify on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates!

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