SPI: Centrify Professional Services are “Best of the Best”

March 15, 2017

Today, leading technology services research firm SPI named Centrify a 2017 Best-of-the-Best professional services organization. We were among 21 selected from a field of over 400 companies.

SPI is a global research, consulting and training company that helps professional service organizations improve profit and productivity. The company’s PS Maturity Model™ planning and management framework has become the industry standard for service organizations.

According to SPI, a key characteristic shared by this year’s winners was something Centrify genuinely strives for: A unique, employee-centric culture in an ethical work environment focused on customer satisfaction. It’s not easy to build, but it is obvious when a company is achieving it by the quality of professional services they offer and the benefits they provide their customers.


Centrify offers a variety of professional services programs to help speed deployment, optimize internal resources and maximize customer investments. We recently helped a nationwide retailer execute a review of its 19,000-server environment in preparation for an additional deployment of 50,000 new servers. With our help, the company reduced the project timeline by 13 months, met a regulatory requirement four months ahead of schedule and reduced audit prep time by 60%. Centrify professional services regularly reduces deployment times by over 50% -- a direct savings to the bottom line.

SPI’s Best-of-the-Best winners were evaluated and determined to excel in five critical areas:


Here, SPI picked up on our PS management team’s passion for our people, customers and processes. We spend significant time with our employees ensuring that they have honed the personal skills and product knowledge necessary to drive customer success.


Client relationships

At Centrify, we build relationships through continuous interaction between our professional services teams and customers. Many software vendors try to automate and pre-package services at the cost of personal relationships. We believe that human interaction is important before, during and after the engagement, and it starts by learning what customers are trying to achieve and what success looks like to them -- before any services are recommended. All of our management team spends significant time on the road meeting with our customers in person to ensure we are achieving their goals.

Human capital management

Our entire PS management team have previously held consultant roles. We understand the challenges and have designed our business model to address them with everything from optimized training sessions to limiting how much a consultant is on the road, to simplifying expense management. We do all we can to ensure employees enjoy quality-of-life while helping customers to meet their goals.

Service execution and finance

Centrify keeps a close eye on customer profit margins. This starts with good planning that makes the most of every customer’s time and ensures margins for resellers are maintained as well.


At Centrify, operational processes are well defined. When services are booked, we put a lot of effort into ensure the customer is ready for a successful engagement before we get on site. We’ve automated time tracking and reporting to streamline processes, and we’re planning to automate the collection of customer information as well. Our ultimate goal is to provide complete transparency and automation into our finance organization.

SPI’s Best-of-the-Best recognition is a significant honor for us because it measures professional services organizations by both bottom line financial results like profit margins, as well as leadership and employee metrics to define exceptional performance. Moreover, it reaffirms our dedication to service excellence and validates the power of identity management in helping customers to prevent security breaches.

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