A Culture of Excellence

November 7, 2017

Today at CyberConnect, we announced our contribution to the American Red Cross’s hurricane and wildfire relief funds. We have employees and customers located throughout the continental U.S., and many of them have been affected by the recent natural disasters. Whether it be those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas or those recovering from the wildfires that have plagued California, we believe it is important to provide employees with a culture of support both in the office and in their communities. As our CEO, Tom Kemp, says,

“It is important that Centrify gives back -- be it our local schools, our employees’ kids sports teams, the greater Bay Area impacted by devastating fires, or the regions, such as Houston, impacted by hurricanes – because the most valuable asset we have is our people. And, we want to make sure they know we support them not only while on the job but also in their communities as well.”

As Tom points out, Centrify believes it is important to give back to employee’s local communities as well, as well as national relief funds. Recently, the company donated 10 laptops to Evan Gilstrap’s children’s school, Warm Springs Elementary. Evan is senior manager of information system here at Centrify and learned that the school needed laptop donations for his oldest son’s sixth grade class during a “back-to-school” night. The laptops will invite students to practice the many skills they will need both now and in the future. According to the sixth-grade classroom’s teacher, Jason Zelt,

“Having access to a laptop would invite students to practice the many skills they will need to perfect to stay competitive in today’s economy. When we put these laptops into the hands of our young people, we invest in the future they will create. Students need to be proficient in today's technology not only to compete, but to invent the technology of tomorrow. Sixth grade is where competition, investment and inspiration begins.”

Evan hopes these laptops will inspire students, improve the classroom experience, foster learning and better prepare the kids to live and work in a digital age.

“Since, I joined Centrify in 2016, they’ve sponsored a Warm Springs little league team that I was coaching, and now they’re donating 10 laptops to my oldest son’s classroom. Giving back is very important to me, and luckily, Centrify shares that value. For companies to attract and retain customers, partners and employees I think they need to be great in every way -- a culture of excellence.”

And, a culture of excellence is exactly what Centrify aims for -- to inspire, invest in and compete for its employees. Just like a teacher does for his students.

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