Centrify Identity Services Now Available on AWS Marketplace

November 30, 2017

Boom! Centrify Identity Services are now available on AWS Marketplace. A big week for Centrify and its partnership with AWS. To recap: Centrify announced it is now an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network.


Centrify is also exhibiting and presenting as a gold sponsor at AWS re:INVENT this week.


Of these developments the most significant is the availability of Centrify Identity Services on the AWS Marketplace.

Why is this important?

Centrify customers can now leverage all the flexibility of cloud computing that AWS offers. You can now purchase Centrify Identity Services by the hour and use only what is needed on an on demand basis. Beside saving money this gives customers the ability to try new services without a huge financial commitment or investment in technology. Reducing the friction around purchasing and deploying new cloud solutions is a huge part of this effort for both AWS and Centrify. If we really want to reduce the number of successful breaches, we need to make buying and using new security services even easier. We think the combination of Centrify Identity Services on the AWS Marketplace is a big step in the right direction.


What Services are Centrify offering through the AWS Marketplace?

Centrify Identity Services secure access to apps, endpoints and infrastructure through single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and privileged access security (PAS). While increasing security, Centrify's integrated platform helps reduce breaches, complexity and costs in the hybrid enterprise. With Centrify Identity Services, you can secure application access for all users -- internal and external -- through SSO and MFA, and control privileged access in the hybrid enterprise with identity brokering, just-in-time privilege, shared password management and MFA. In addition, you can turn endpoints into trusted access points for applications and infrastructure.

Our services provide full identity security for employees, customers, partners, privileged IT admins, and outsourced IT. We cover the bases.

  • Federated access to AWS console
  • Privileged Access for Amazon EC2 instances
  • Enterprise access for apps
  • Automate security for DevOps

Special thanks to Felix Deschamps, Ram Reddy, Steve Cacciaroni, Paul Moore, Bill Mann, David McNeely of Centrify and Jeff Sweet, Scott Ward, Sandyha Gorman, Michael Kneip of AWS, as well as everyone else at Centrify and AWS, for all their hard work in getting our services running on AWS.  It was not easy, but we are now extremely proud of the outcome and we are ready to bring even more of our customers onto the AWS platform. We hope that reducing the friction to try and buy Centrify on the biggest cloud platform in the world will also make it easier for customers to secure their AWS workloads -- which in turn makes us all safer and better.

Click here to buy Centrify Identity Services from the AWS Marketplace

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To learn more about how Centrify works in an AWS environment and how you can configure Centrify for your AWS landscape, click here.

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