Thoughts from the 2017 AWS Summit in San Francisco

April 25, 2017

One of the things I love about partnering with Amazon Web Services is how often they are in front of their user community. In addition to their large, annual user conference called RE:Invent, AWS hosts several smaller regional summits throughout the year. As an APN partner, Centrify had the opportunity to participate in last week’s AWS Summit in San Francisco.


We were lucky to be able to visit with a nice cross-section of AWS users -- users across multiple industries, many of which were in the Fortune 1000. It was great meeting with these organizations and across the board, companies of all sizes were particularly interested in how we could help secure workloads and sensitive data on AWS, offer privileged access to EC2 instances and federated access to the console. It turns out that most users were familiar with AWS’ Shared Responsibility Model but remained unsure of their share of that model or did not know where to begin.

Many of those we spoke with mentioned that they were learning for the first time that there’s a lot more to Centrify than just single sign-on to the AWS console. Some people mentioned that they stopped by because of our leadership positioning in the 2016 Gartner Identity and Access Management as a Service Magic Quadrant


Centrify is in a unique position to help AWS users with their share of the Shared Responsibility Model and to ensure they’re as secure on AWS as they were on-premises. It’s exciting to be able to tell this story.

If you missed this event, don’t fret. You’ll have the opportunity to visit us at one of these forthcoming Summit events: Washington DC (June 12-14), London (June 28), Chicago (July 26-27), New York (August 14).

To learn more, please visit here and here.  


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