451 Research: Centrify Goes “All In” on the Zero Trust Movement

June 8, 2018

451 Research recently published an impact report recognizing Centrify as one of the early vendors to embrace the Zero Trust concept, which is a new conceptual framework on the rise as traditional security models that follow a hardened perimeter approach have failed.

The author, 451 analyst Garrett Bekker, notes these failures and states that “the very concept of trust is called into question, in favor of assuming all users and assets are by definition untrusted” and that “the notion of trust is no longer based on where you are, but more on who you are, and what you are allowed to do.”

“Centrify is one of the earlier vendors to take on the zero-trust approach directly, and has many of the foundational pieces already in place to verify both users and devices, and restrict access based on a least privileged approach.”   -- Garrett Bekker, 451 Research

This report examines Centrify’s Zero Trust Security approach, as well as explores its Next-Gen Access platform.

Centrify Delivers Zero-Trust Security Through Next-Gen Access

Centrify’s “Next-Gen Access provides a solid foundation for enterprises setting out on their zero-trust journey” as traditional access management technologies consist of multiple software and hardware components and are complex to deploy.  Furthermore, traditional access methodologies are frequently fragmented and only secure a subset of resources within an organization. Through Next-Gen Access, Centrify “arguably (offers) more than other vendors currently provide.”

“Centrify is one of the vendors that was early to embrace the zero-trust concept, with a new offering that it refers to as its Next- Gen Access platform. In addition to tying together Centrify's existing offerings for identity as a service (IDaaS), multi-factor authentication (MFA), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and privileged access management (PAM), Centrify has delivered enhanced analytics to help organizations make better access decisions, along with an app gateway that can provide remote access to on-premises applications without requiring a VPN.”   -- Garrett Bekker, 451 Research

Centrify’s Zero Trust Approach is a Massive Rethink of Security

Centrify’s Zero Trust approach is a massive rethink of security, providing a Next-Gen Access platform that secures access to applications, endpoints and infrastructure - both on premises and in the cloud. Unlike other vendors who only address a subset of users, Centrify is the only vendor that can secure access for a company’s entire identityscape, including end users, partners, customers and privileged users - who typically are the most critical access management use case today.

Centrify delivers stronger security, compliance and end user productivity through Next-Gen Access, tying together technologies such as single sign-on, adaptive multi-factor authentication, risk-based access control, deep mobile and Mac management, comprehensive privileged access security, privileged session monitoring and risk analytics.

Download the entire 451 Research Impact Report “Centrify goes ‘all-in’ on the zero-trust movement with its Next-Gen Access platform” at www.centrify.com/resources/all-in-on-zero-trust/.

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