Active Directory-Based Authentication for IBM Informix

Centrify for IBM Informix enhances Informix security with centralized, Active Directory-based authentication, administration and password policy enforcement

Centrify DirectControl for IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) secures your Informix database through centralized, Active Directory-based authentication, access control, account administration and password policy enforcement. With DirectControl, IT managers can control access and apply security policies to their Informix database server using the same Active Directory tools and processes currently in place to manage their Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac environment. End-users benefit by having a single Active Directory user name and password to access all key systems and applications, including Informix.

How Centrify DirectControl Strengthens IBM Informix Security

Once installed on the Informix database server, the Centrify DirectControl Agent enables the host system to participate in an Active Directory domain in the same way a Windows system does. For example:

  • As a site-aware Active Directory client, the Informix database server can take advantage of centralized Active Directory authentication. Automated failover and fault tolerance deliver enhanced reliability.
  • Active Directory becomes the single point of administration for user names and passwords, speeding up provisioning and reducing the Help Desk resources needed to support unnecessary password resets and account updates. Likewise, disabling a user's Active Directory account immediately shuts off the user's access to the Informix database.
  • Active Directory's robust group management and delegated administration capabilities, combined with DirectControl's unique Zone-Based Access Controls, deliver the "need to know" access controls and separation of duties mandated by many industry and government security regulations.
  • IT security managers have a variety of options for centrally controlling the use of root and generic service accounts, which frequently pose security threats and can also put regulatory compliance efforts at risk.
  • IT managers can apply consistent cross-platform security and configuration settings to the host server using Group Policy. (See Group Policy for UNIX, Linux and Mac for more details.)
  • End-users' Active Directory password becomes their Informix password, meaning Active Directory policies for password length, complexity and expiration now apply to Informix.
  • Centrify DirectControl for IBM Informix is part of a comprehensive, Active Directory-based solution for auditing, access control and authentication of UNIX, Linux and Mac systems and applications. IT organizations can leverage existing infrastructure, skills and processes to secure and more efficiently manage their Informix database deployments along with the rest of their cross-platform enterprise.

See Centrify DirectControl's Features and Benefits for more details.