SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Centrify, a leading provider of Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access, today announced that the State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) has successfully implemented Centrify Infrastructure Services to reduce the risk of breaches. The Centrify solution empowers the Michigan DTMB to comply with a myriad of federal regulations, increase security, and improve audit performance using centralized privileged identity management.

Before deploying Centrify, DTMB leveraged a homegrown identity solution and was challenged by offering privileged access to an overabundance of users. The lack of visibility made it difficult to centrally provide and manage access control compliance for regulations, industry standards, and policies, which resulted in audits from critical citizen agencies that provided key services.

Centrify delivers Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access, verifying every user, validating their devices, and limiting access and privilege. DTMB chose Centrify Infrastructure Services from a range of vendors based on its ability to achieve three main goals:

  • Implement a model of least privilege across a hybrid environment of Windows and Linux servers to ensure compliance with government/industry regulations such as CJIS, CMS, HIPAA and PCI
  • Ensure audits pass and the process is simple by implementing the required password expiration, complexity, and privilege escalation mechanisms
  • Reduce the time required to investigate and report on incidents

Centrify Infrastructure Services meet all project requisites and provide a strong foundation for the future, enabling DTMB to replace a less-secure system based on LDAP and sudo, instituting centralized privileged information management and effectively addressing federal/industry compliance and easily providing identity-related data to auditors upon request.

“Centrify Infrastructure Services presented us with all the centralized user identity management we’d been trying to build for years, solving our audit and compliance issues by providing both centralized, privileged identity management and granular access controls,” said Brian Settles, technical services administrative manager at DTMB. “Every time an administrator touches a server, we have a record of it and can pull up a report, print it and hand it to the auditor. Centrify’s reporting capabilities have streamlined the entire auditing process, and there isn’t a regulation that Centrify hasn’t helped us to meet.”

Michigan is regularly cited among the top three states in the U.S. for successfully executing IT best practices, and the state boasts several National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) awards. Centrify is proud to assist DTMB in continuing Michigan’s tradition of achievement in IT.

“One of the critical components of a successful Zero Trust Security approach is to limit access and privilege,” said Bill Mann, chief product officer at Centrify. “Our Infrastructure Services enables DTMB to simplify the audit process and reduce the risk of security breaches by minimizing the attack surface, while consolidating identities, delivering least privilege access, and auditing all privileged sessions.”

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Centrify delivers Zero Trust Security through the power of Next-Gen Access. The Centrify Zero Trust Security model assumes that users inside a network are no more trustworthy than those outside the network. Centrify verifies every user, validates their devices, and limits access and privilege. Centrify also utilizes machine learning to discover risky user behavior and apply conditional access — without impacting user experience. Centrify’s Next-Gen Access is the only industry-recognized solution that uniquely converges Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and privileged access management (PAM). Over 5,000 worldwide organizations, including over half the Fortune 100, trust Centrify to proactively secure their businesses.

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