Santa Clara, CACentrify Corporation, the leader in securing identities from cyberthreats, today announced findings from its recent State of the Corporate Perimeter survey of more than 400 US and UK IT decision makers (ITDMs) that aimed to find out if corporations are as secure as they need to be. While major breaches at iconic brands like Sony and the Office of Personnel Management make headlines, Centrify sought to evaluate the cause and effect of breaches on organizations that do not make the front page. Results showed not only that corporations are vulnerable to attack, they validated Centrify’s hypothesis that protecting identity is at the heart of protecting data.

Topline survey data reveals millions of dollars in identity-related damages:

* 55 percent of US ITDMs and 45 percent of their UK counterparts say their organizations have suffered a security breach in the past.

* Together, those breaches cost the companies involved millions of dollars in damages.

* Three quarters of US ITDMs and more than half of UK ITDMs agree their organizations need to do a better job of monitoring who has access to their data.

The question of who has access to data—including when and for how long—is also cause for considerable alarm.

* 59 percent of US ITDMs and 34 percent of UK ITDMs report sharing access credentials with other employees at least somewhat often.

* Another 52 percent of US ITDMs and 32 percent of UK ITDMs share access at least somewhat often with contractors.

If shared credentials provide entry to privileged accounts, hackers essentially receive the ’keys to the kingdom’—elevated access to an organization’s most critical data, applications, systems and network devices.

* Among ITDMs who grant access to contractors, 82 percent in the US and 68 percent in the UK say it would be at least somewhat easy for those contractors to gain access to their company’s digital assets.

* 53 percent of US respondents and 32 percent of UK respondents say it would be at least somewhat easy for a former employee to still log in and access data.

* Half of all ITDMs say it can take up to a week or more to remove access to sensitive systems.

“Centrify is committed to providing organizations with the tools they need to secure an evolving corporate perimeter,” said Tom Kemp CEO and co-founder of Centrify. “And there’s the rub: today’s corporate perimeter has nothing to do with physical headquarters and contains data that resides in the cloud and on the numerous devices employees and contractors use in the field. It’s our hope that this survey helps convince IT decision makers to take steps now to enhance identity management before hackers find holes and exploit them.” Read more about the survey findings or view the full results. For more information about Centrify’s award-winning identity management platforms, please visit

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