SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Centrify Corporation, the leader in unified identity management across cloud, mobile and data center, today announced it has received certification of its integration with ServiceNow. Certification by ServiceNow signifies that Centrify Identity Service has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on integration interoperability, security and performance. The certification also ensures best practices are utilized in its design and implementation.

Centrify Identity Service for ServiceNow along with Centrify’s integrated enterprise mobility management features are offered free of charge to ServiceNow customers. Centrify’s integration provides secure, one-click sign-on (SSO) access to ServiceNow for both enterprise and IT users along with strong authentication for ServiceNow with built-in multifactor authentication (MFA). Its benefits include:

  • Simple access via a single username and password across ServiceNow and 3,000 plus SaaS and on-premises apps
  • Improved security by eliminating the use of easy-to-remember, reused and improperly stored passwords
  • Reduced helpdesk volume for forgotten passwords via user self-service
  • Reduced end-user frustration, and increased IT satisfaction

Centrify’s integration has also been certified to offer automated provisioning and de-provisioning of end-users and IT-users to ServiceNow based upon role membership within Active Directory or LDAP directories or Centrify Cloud Directory. Benefits of automated provisioning include:

  • Time savings via automatically creating or updating, or de-activating user accounts across apps within ServiceNow
  • Improved efficiency by deploying the right apps the first time, along with SSO
  • Improved security via automatic role-based permissions within ServiceNow
  • Visibility into who has access to which apps, how they received access, and when changes occurred
  • Prevention of unauthorized access by automatically revoking access to all of ServiceNow in an instant

“Centrify aims to deliver identity services geared for the future of enterprise IT,” said Shreyas Sadalgi, SVP Business Development of Centrify. “Centrify brings a degree of security and peace of mind that is indispensable for IT managers looking for every possible method to automate identity and service management and thereby reduce risk.”

About Centrify
Centrify provides unified identity management across cloud, mobile and data center environments that delivers single sign-on (SSO) for users and a simplified identity infrastructure for IT. Centrify’s unified identity management software and cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions leverage an organization’s existing identity infrastructure to enable single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, privileged identity management, auditing for compliance and enterprise mobility management. Centrify customers can typically reduce their total cost of identity management and compliance by more than 50 percent, while improving business agility and overall security. Centrify is used by more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including nearly half of the Fortune 50 and more than 60 Federal agencies. For more information, please visit


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