SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Centrify Corporation, the leader in securing identities from cyberthreats, announced today that it has widened its lead in unified identity and mobility management with expanded support for Apple Mac, Apple Watch and Near Field Communication (NFC). Centrify’s new mobile features are vital to the modern enterprise because they simplify secure mobile access for end users while strengthening security policy for IT.

Mobile access to critical corporate resources is on the rise. Whether those resources are cloud apps, mobile apps, on-premises apps, or IT resources such as servers or network devices, mobile is becoming the de facto way to enable access and represents the best second factor of authentication. Only Centrify combines identity policy with mobile security — including robust support for Apple Macs — for both end users and privileged users.

“Centrify was the first vendor to offer integrated identity and mobility management delivered entirely in the cloud, and while it is nice to see that other mobile device management (MDM) and identity vendors have just now awakened to this concept of the convergence of identity and mobility management, Centrify continues to set the gold standard for delivering identity at the core of an enterprise’s mobile strategy and architecture,” said Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify. “With the addition of advanced Mac management, enhanced mobile-centric privileged management, and support for wearables and NFC to our Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform, we are extending our leadership position in unified identity and mobility management.”

Even though Apple Mac deployments in the enterprise have been growing significantly over the last few years, legacy Identity and MDM vendors have ignored the management of Macs. With well over 1000 customers using its Mac identity offering, Centrify was the first vendor to deliver Active Directory-based Group Policies for the Mac, and has extended its Mac policy and identity management features to also be delivered via the cloud. To give IT even more control, Centrify is introducing remote application management for Mac. This new feature allows IT to push apps to managed Macs from the cloud, just like they can with smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, businesses that manage fleets of Macs can take advantage of new reports for Mac inventory management. Centrify has also further enhanced its Mac smartcard support for Common Access Cards (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards.

Centrify has also expanded support for next-generation wearables, including everything from Android Wear and Samsung devices to the new Apple Watch. This enhanced support includes the integration of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on for greater ease of use. Now, when accessing applications or resources that IT has secured with MFA, a notification will appear on the wearable device that users can quickly swipe to verify their identity. Leveraging Apple Watch and other wearables as a second factor is extremely simple and helps eliminate adoption barriers that typically slow deployment of more complicated multi-factor solutions.

And for smartphones and tablets, IT can now benefit from a specific “app lock” for the Centrify app. This additional layer of security means that users can be prompted to unlock the Centrify app with a fingerprint or NFC tag on devices that support them—or with a pin or passcode that’s distinct from the overall device lock. For highly security conscious customers, this level of granularity can be a key factor in enabling BYOD initiatives that meet security requirements.

Centrify has also extended mobile device support for the industry’s only cloud-based privileged identity management service as well. Administrators who need emergency access to administrative/root passwords to access servers and/or network devices in break-glass scenarios can now do so directly from their mobile devices. This allows flexibility to solve time-sensitive or business critical problems with whatever devices are available to administrators, without compromising security policies.

Finally, Centrify has enhanced its single sign-on offering to extend beyond secure one-tap app access from managed devices by giving users the choice of accessing their data through managed native apps, web apps in a simple consolidated portal, and now from web app shortcuts that they can put directly on their home screen. This saves time for users and gives IT greater control and a higher level of security.

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