Santa Clara, CA — Centrify, the leader in securing enterprise identities against cyberthreats, today announced that Centrify Identity Service delivers Day 1 support for the just-released OS X El Capitan operating system for Macs. Centrify Identity Service also recently released Day 1 support for iOS 9, allowing organizations to confidently adopt the latest Apple technology and address enterprise mobility and BYOD challenges. This continues Centrify’s long standing track record of delivering Day 1 support for Mac OS X releases as evidenced by our Day 1 support for Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion.

As more employees access cloud-based applications via Mac and mobile devices, IT is challenged to secure access to these apps, as well as the devices used to access them. The Centrify Identity Service reduces cost and complexity for IT by unifying security policy across apps, identity, and Mac and mobile devices — all in a single solution. This enables IT to ensure that only authorized devices and users have access to corporate information.

“To truly enable Apple devices in the enterprise, IT needs more than device management products that give short shrift to Macs, or SSO products that don’t extend to Mac and mobile devices,” said Chris Webber, Director of Products at Centrify. “As user adoption of Apple devices continues to grow in the enterprise, organizations need solutions that manage and secure the applications deployed to users, as well as the devices. After all, the real value is the ability to access the applications that employees need to get their job done. Centrify Identity Service helps protect organizations from risks and secures cloud apps across the enterprise via SSO, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication.”

As employees upgrade to the new Mac OS X El Capitan, IT can continue to leverage Centrify Identity Service to provide secure SSO to the devices and the apps employees use on those devices. Centrify Identity Service also supports iOS 9, so as employees upgrade their iPhones and iPads, those mobile devices will remain enrolled with existing management and single sign-on capabilities intact.

In addition, Centrify customers can take advantage of several Mac and mobile management features, including:

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program support: Streamline bulk deployments of corporate-owned Mac and iOS devices via Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, which has been expanded to 26 countries.
  • Centrify Enterprise App Store for Mac: Simplify app distribution to Macs with a new enterprise app store. In addition to silently installing apps to enrolled Macs, IT can provide end users with a catalog of recommended/pre-approved apps for work. End users with managed Macs can browse and install apps at their convenience.


Centrify support for the Mac OS X El Capitan release is available today as part of the Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition. Centrify customers will need to update Centrify for Mac prior to the update of the Operating System to maintain compatibility that enables Active Directory user login. For more information, see

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