LAS VEGAS (Gartner IAM Summit 2014, Booth 315) — Centrify Corporation, the leader in unified identity management across cloud, mobile and data center, today announced the release of the Centrify app gateway, an exciting new capability for the Centrify User Suite that securely delivers remote access to internal web applications without the hassle or risk of a VPN. Centrify’s new capability will be demonstrated publicly for the first time this week at the Gartner Identity & Access Management (IAM) Summit 2014 in Centrify’s Booth Number 315.

Enterprises have traditionally relied on VPNs to provide employees with access to internal apps that sit behind the corporate firewall. The problem with VPNs, however, is that once inside, the user has access to the entire network, introducing a significant level of risk. What’s more, VPNs limit the types of users that can access the network. For the most part, suppliers, vendors, partners, and even certain remote workers are left out when it comes to accessing internal applications. Additionally, VPNs are a headache for end users, requiring a series of manual, time-consuming steps to enter credentials and initiate a session.

Centrify’s app gateway is changing the game by dramatically simplifying access to internal apps. By clicking on a shortcut in their Centrify portal, users can immediately access their favorite apps. And they can do it with single sign-on (SSO), just like with all their external SaaS apps.

The Centrify app gateway also lets users, including partners and suppliers, securely access corporate resources from any device, including smartphones, tablets and personal computers. That means users are no longer dependent on machines that are pre-configured with VPN software. Instead, they can leverage any computer with a network connection to be productive.

“Centrify continues to innovate in the IDaaS market as we expand our mobile-first offerings,” said Corey Williams, senior director of products for Centrify. “Centrify was the first vendor to integrate MDM with SSO to address the needs of mobile users, and with the app gateway, we now offer one-click access to on premises apps from any device. Other solutions require extensive on-premises infrastructure, appliances and software to accomplish what Centrify now delivers as a service. By building remote access to internal apps such as SharePoint and SAP into the same solution that controls access to external cloud and mobile apps, Centrify is advancing the vision of the IDaaS market toward the access of any app from any device for any user, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in a mobile environment.”

Security is another key component of the Centrify app gateway. It is safer than a VPN because the user is granted access to only the target app and not the rest of the network. In fact, there is no hidden or obscured network access, just a secure proxy to the assigned application. Another benefit of the Centrify app gateway is that on-premises apps such as Microsoft SharePoint can now be as securely accessed as SaaS apps leveraging all of the features of Centrify User Suite, including multi-factor authentication, per app access policies, and central reporting of app access.

The Centrify app gateway is also easy to setup. Delivered as an advanced feature of the Centrify User Suite, the Centrify app gateway is built directly into the Centrify Cloud Connector. The app gateway is enabled through a simple five-minute installation on any server behind the firewall, without the typical inconvenience of a VPN, and can also be installed for automatic load balancing and failover.

About Centrify

Centrify provides unified identity management across cloud, mobile and data center environments that delivers single sign-on (SSO) for users and a simplified identity infrastructure for IT. Centrify’s unified identity management software and cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions leverage an organization’s existing identity infrastructure to enable single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, privileged identity management, auditing for compliance and enterprise mobility management. Centrify customers can typically reduce their total cost of identity management and compliance by more than 50 percent, while improving business agility and overall security. Centrify is used by more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including nearly half of the Fortune 50 and more than 60 Federal agencies. For more information, please visit