LAS VEGAS (.conf2012) — Centrify Corporation, the leading provider of security and compliance solutions that centrally control, secure and audit access to cross-platform systems, mobile devices and applications, today announced the release of its latest version of Centrify Insight, providing real-time visibility into the access and management of UNIX and Linux systems. The combination of Centrify Insight and the Splunk App for Windows Server® Active Directory provides users with a powerful and comprehensive analytics solution to monitor user identity and access events across the universe of more than 375 cross-platform systems that are secured by Centrify.

Centrify is building on its partnership with Splunk to deliver new capabilities increasing operational intelligence for IT security and compliance of Splunk users across Windows, UNIX and Linux systems on premise and in the cloud. Centrify is a sponsor and exhibitor at .conf2012, Splunk's annual worldwide users' conference being held this week in Las Vegas. The latest version of Centrify Insight will be demonstrated at the conference, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Centrify's powerful security and compliance solutions.

Now available from Splunkbase, Centrify Insight 1.3 provides broad enhancements to support the latest release of Centrify Suite 2012. Centrify Suite 2012 introduced enhanced Centrify Zones, based on patented technology, to enable a hierarchy and inheritance model that simplifies migration of UNIX identities to Active Directory, and administration of roles and rights across a diverse mix of UNIX, Linux and Mac systems. Centrify Insight 1.3 now supports Centrify Zones and updates all of the views to include support for Centrify Suite 2012. Centrify Insight 1.3 also provides a centralized status of the DirectControl agents, as well as gathers configuration and log files from systems protected by the Centrify Suite. Centrify Insight uses Splunk software as a platform to provide operational intelligence on the local *NIX system and Active Directory accounts, identity, access, roles and health of Centrify protected systems.

"Demand from our users has grown considerably for both the Centrify Insight and the Splunk App for Active Directory, which adds operational intelligence around user access to heterogeneous systems protected by Centrify, as well as the health and availability of Active Directory which Centrify bridges for cross-platform systems," said Manish Kalra, Director of Product Marketing at Splunk. "In addition, working with Centrify this integrated functionality also provides our users with important capabilities that are crucial to securing UNIX, Linux and Microsoft environments leveraging Microsoft Active Directory."

Centrify Insight runs alongside the Splunk App for Active Directory which tackles the challenges faced by IT organizations of avoiding service outages, as well as provides proactive management and compliance reporting of the Active Directory infrastructure. Armed with this deep insight from the data that is captured from security, system and audit logs, performance monitors and active service monitoring, Active Directory administrators can quickly pinpoint problems, identify security breaches and ensure corporate compliance goals. The combination of Centrify Insight and the Splunk App for Active Directory provides confidence to IT operations and security managers that the key infrastructure from the UNIX and Linux servers to the Active Directory infrastructure that manages them is healthy, operating at peak performance and secure.

Centrify and Splunk have also expanded their partnership through joint marketing activities that help educate IT staff and build awareness for the new capabilities. On Oct. 18, Centrify and Splunk will host a jointly presented webinar in which users can see a demonstration of Centrify Insight and the Splunk App for Active Directory. The webinar will teach users how to deliver answers to a wide range of security and forensic questions regarding UNIX and Linux users' access and login activity. For more information and to register to attend this webinar please visit:

"Centrify's expanded commitment to Splunk through joint integration and sales and marketing activities, in addition to the new version of Centrify Insight, continues to strengthen Splunk's partnership for the most robust cross-platform Active Directory integration for users across Windows, Unix and Linux systems — on premise and in the cloud," said Shreyas Sadalgi, Senior Director of Business Development at Centrify. "We look forward to our participation at this week's Splunk users' conference, and upcoming events to highlight the unique integration and new capabilities benefitting our joint customers."

Pricing and Availability

Centrify Insight 1.3 is free for both customers and non-customers. It can be downloaded today at the Centrify Insight Express download page. For more information, visit

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