Where We’ve Been

For more than a decade, Centrify has been leading the way in redefining the Fabric of Privileged Access Management.


2004    Centrify Founded

Centrify was founded by former co-founder of NetIQ, Tom Kemp, former co-founder of Netreon (acquired by CA Technologies), Adam Au, and former Netroen CTO, Paul Moore. Early investors included Accel, Index, Mayfield and Sigma/JSV.


2005    Integration of Unix/Linux into Active Directory

First to integrate UNIX and Linux into Active Directory supporting multiple identities for a single user with Centrify’s unique Zone technology.


2008    Introduction of Restricted Authorization Zones

First to introduce restricted authorization zones for Privilege Access Management.


2010    Support of IAM & PAM for Linux on AWS

First to support identity, access and privilege management of Linux systems running on AWS.


2012    Delivery of Hierarchical Management Model

First to deliver a hierarchical management model for fine grained identity, access and privilege management.


2013    Introduction of Privilege Elevation on Windows

First to provide Privilege Elevation on Windows leveraging the same policy service supporting both UNIX, Linux and Windows.


2015    Launch of PAM-as-a-Service

First to offer PAM-as-a-Service and continues to be the only offering with a true multi-tenant, cloud architecture.


2015    Introduction of Subscription Pricing

First in the Privileged Access Management industry to offer subscription pricing starting.


2015    Combined IDaaS and EMM

First to combine IDaaS and EMM into single offering.


2016    Launch ServiceNow Marketplace Apps

First to offer applications available in the ServiceNow Marketplace.


2016    Launch of On-Premise PAM-as-a-Service

First to offer PAM-as-a-Service as customer managed deployment on-premises.


2017    IDaaS Offering on AWS Marketplace

First to offer identity services through AWS Marketplace at hourly pricing.


2018    Main Contributor to Zero Trust Security Movement

First to offer Next-Gen Access for Zero Trust Security.


2018    Launch of Privilege Analytics

First to add privilege analytics that uses unsupervised machine learning on not only access events, but also privilege commands.


2018    Buyout by Thoma Bravo

Thoma Bravo acquires majority stakes in Centrify.


2018    Centrify Spins Out IDaaS Business

Centrify spins out its IDaaS business as a standalone company named Idaptive.


2019    Zero Trust Privilege

Centrify is sharpening its strategic focus on redefining the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) with cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege to stop the leading cause of breaches – privileged access abuse.

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