Zero Trust Privilege Means Zero Tolerance For Privileged Access Abuse

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When Legacy Privilege Access Management is No Longer Enough 

To learn about the Attack Surfaces that are requiring a shift in your approach to secure against privileged access abuse, click the images to explore.

Legacy PAM

Cloud-Ready Zero Trust Privilege

Access Requester

Humans, Machines, Services, & APIs

Accountability Level

Shared Accounts
Shared Accounts & Individual Identities

Control Posture

Static Policy
Dynamic & Risk Aware (AI)

Authentication Strength

MFA Everywhere


Servers, IaaS, DevOps, Containers

Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services

  • Shared Account & Password Vault
  • Application Passwords and Secrets Vault
  • Credential Management
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Secure Administrative Access via Jump Box
  • Access Request & Approval Workflow
  • MFA at Vault

  • Multi-Directory Brokering
  • Active Directory Bridging
  • Machine Identity & Credential Management
  • Local Account & Group Management
  • Centrify Zone Technology
  • Group Policy Management
  • MFA at System Login

  • Privilege Elevation
  • Delegated Privilege Role & Policy Management
  • Time-Based Role Assignment
  • MFA at Privilege Elevation

  • Session Recording and Auditing
  • Gateway Session Monitoring & Control
  • Host-Based Session Auditing, Recording & Reporting

  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • User Behavior Analytics

“The product was very easy to implement with little or no impact to our environment. The solution has remained solid for years even as we've grown the environment and redesigned the architecture to fit new requirements. The customer support side of Centrify has always been very responsive to issues and provides very high-level engineering help to design workarounds or solutions for new business needs.”

Sr IT Infrastructure Engineer, Retail

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