Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition

Why Centrify

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, seamlessly integrates cross-platform systems and applications with your existing Active Directory infrastructure to deliver a single solution for unified identity and privileged access management across Windows, Linux and UNIX servers. This results in significant cost savings and productivity gains over approaches that require a myriad of single-purpose and platform-specific products.

More Secure

Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, provides visibility into identity-related risks and mitigates internal threats through automated discovery of violations of identity and access management best practices, and through simplified privileged access management. With Centrify's patented management model, pre-defined rights and automation tools, implementation of a true least-privilege access model becomes attainable.

Repeatable and Sustainable Compliance

Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, enforces a least-privilege model across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems and applications, linking all entitlements to an individual while consistently applying security and configuration policies across the enterprise.

Complete and current visibility into security and compliance exposures across access controls and security policies, combined with comprehensive reporting, make proving compliance with government regulations and industry mandates repeatable and sustainable.


Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, works out-of-the-box with existing systems and applications, without forcing you to make intrusive changes. Unlike other solutions that integrate with Active Directory, Centrify does not install any software on domain controllers, require changes to the Active Directory schema to store UNIX identity data, or change the way users access servers and applications when they leverage administrative privilege.

The Leader in Systems and Application Support

With support for 450 platforms, Centrify Server Suite secures and manages the industry's broadest range of operating systems and applications.

Accelerated Time to Value

Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, provides robust deployment and migration tools to accelerate and streamline the identity consolidation process. These tools, coupled with Centrify's patented Zones technology, deliver the only solution in the industry that supports multiple Linux or UNIX identities within Active Directory without the need to rationalize namespaces.

Part of an Integrated Solution for Unified Identity Management

The Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, is part of the Centrify Server Suite, which secures the industry's broadest range of mission-critical servers from identity-related insider risks and outsider attacks and makes security and regulatory compliance repeatable and sustainable. Our solution leverages your existing Active Directory infrastructure to centrally manage authentication, access control, privileged identity management, policy enforcement and compliance across on-premise and cloud. In addition, our patented Zone technology accelerates deployment and provides unique, granular access controls. And yet, Centrify's solution is non-intrusive: no schema extensions, no software on domain controllers.