Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition

Identity Consolidation and Privileged Access Management

Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, identifies and mitigates identity-related risk across Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers

With Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, enterprises can rapidly consolidate identities into Active Directory, simplify privileged access management and streamline user administration.

  • An integrated set of tools centralize the discovery, management and user administration of Linux and UNIX systems.
  • Administrative interfaces help you identify identity-related risks, rapidly migrate identities into Active Directory, manage policies, and manage compliance reporting.
  • Centrify's patented Zone technology, enables organizations to easily establish global UNIX identities, centrally manage exceptions on legacy systems, separate identity from access management and delegate administration.
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, and UNIX) for privileged access management gives you global control and visibility over who can do what, on which server, and when. Server Suite, Enterprise Edition, adds full auditing of privileged activity and session replay.

Five-Minute Demos

Centrify Server Suite – Overview

In this demo you'll see how Centrify Server Suite's ability to consolidate identities enables you to centrally control access and privileges across your Windows, Linux and UNIX servers.


Centrify Server Suite – Identity Consolidation

In this demo you'll see how quickly and easily you can begin managing access to non-Windows systems and applications by using Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition, to integrate those resources with Microsoft Active Directory.


Centrify Server Suite – Control Privileges and Audit Activity

In this demo you'll see how Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition, helps you centrally control and manage privileged access to Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers, and gives you visibility across user privileges and activity.


Centrify Server Suite – Identifying Identity-Related Risks

Centrify Identity Risk Assessor (CIRA) automates the discovery of identity related risks in your server environment. CIRA quickly identifies the most critical violations of identity and access management best practices, and provides insight to help prioritize and justify investments in mitigating these identity-related risks.