Group Policy for Linux Desktops

Centrally lock down and configure Linux desktops running GNOME using Windows Group Policy

Centrify DirectControl enables IT managers to centrally secure and configure Linux desktops running GNOME through Windows Group Policy. Because GNOME is used primarily for desktop systems, Centrify has enriched its existing DirectControl for Linux solution with a set of policies that have been tailored to the needs of IT managers who are responsible for the security and configuration of these systems. Using the same Windows Active Directory tools they use today for Windows systems, IT managers can set security and configuration policies for Mac systems without needing deep platform-specific knowledge.

Group Policy support is built into the core DirectControl for Mac OS product; there is no additional software to license, install or configure. See Group Policy for UNIX, Linux and Mac for a general overview of how Group Policy works on non-Windows systems.

Using the GNOME Group Policies now included with DirectControl, IT administrators can:

  • Set all system keys, all desktop keys, and common application keys normally set through the GConf configuration system.
  • Switch Group Policy-based control of all GConf settings on and off at one time. Existing GConf settings can be backed up when Group Policy control is enabled, and restored when Group Policy control is disabled.

Examples of GNOME policies:

  • Desktop settings
  • Application launcher
  • Theme settings
  • Mouse settings
  • Screen settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Screensaver settings
  • Sound settings
  • Panel settings
  • Network proxy settings
  • Session settings
  • Lockdown settings

DirectControl's GNOME Group Policy is supported on the following Linux platforms:

  • CentOS 5 and later
  • Debian 5 and later
  • Fedora 11 and later
  • OpenSuSE 11
  • Red Hat 5 and later
  • Scientific Linux 5 and later
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux 11
  • Ubuntu 9 and later