Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition

Centrify DirectAuthorize for UNIX/Linux Features

Secure Privileged Access Management for Linux & UNIX Servers

  • Requiring privileged users to login using their personal Active Directory account eliminates wide-open access to root, service and other superuser accounts.
  • Secure delegation using Centrify's patented Zones technology provides flexibility and granularity.
  • IT administrators can grant users rights to execute commands with elevated privileges based on the roles associated with their Active Directory account.
  • Assign users a Restricted Environment with access only to a specific "whitelist" of commands.
  • Simplify the execution of privileged commands for users. Users in a Restricted Environment simply log in with their Active Directory account and seamlessly execute, with privilege, the commands available to them.

  • The dzdo command-line interface supports local users. The DirectAuthorize component of Centrify Server Suite, Standard Edition supports "run as" a single user, plus remote host command execution.

Granular Authorization and Enforcement of Administrative Functions

  • Go beyond native system capabilities by time-limiting privileges and specifying how users can access systems.
  • Flexibly assign these granular roles and rights to either Active Directory groups or individual users.

Seamless Integration with User-Level Auditing

  • Seamless integration with Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition easily adds user-session capture, search and playback.
  • Automatically trigger session recordings based on user, role, system or privilege elevation.

Quickly Migrate from sudo

sudo Import Wizard
Sudo Import Wizard

Use the Centrify Deployment Manager to quickly import and process sudo files for use by the DirectAuthorize component.

The Server Suite’s import wizard uses Centrify Deployment Manager to retrieve remote sudoers files and process them for enforcement via the DirectAuthorize component.

Easily Extends to Windows

  • One Centrify management console enables user privilege and role delegation not only on Linux and UNIX but on Windows as well.
  • All roles and rights are centrally stored in Active Directory for management across Windows, Linux and UNIX.