Centrify Your Users

Smart Card Authentication

Comply with HSPD-12 and other security mandates that call for two-factor authentication with Centrify's JITC-approved smart card support for Mac OS X and Red Hat Linux

Federal agencies and other organizations must meet HSPD-12, NIST guidance and other security mandates for Smart Card authentication. Federal IT leaders also see an opportunity to leverage HSPD-12 initiatives to streamline processes, implement more fine-grained access controls and privilege management, and institute continuous monitoring. Centrify Suite delivers Smart Card authentication to Macs and Red Hat Linux workstations as part of its integrated capabilities to centrally enforce Smart Card policies, control access with Centrify's patented Zones technology, implement granular privilege management, and optionally tie real-time monitoring of sessions to a users unique credential.

Centrify's Smart Card solution supports CAC, CAC NG, PIV and PIV-I compatible cards, plus enterprise certificate management, including automatic download of machine certificate and automated renewal of certificates. Just as important, by providing an integrated solution for authentication, authorization and audit, Centrify empowers Federal IT leaders to take full advantage Smart Card authentication benefits while centralizing the management of user and computer policies, access control and privilege within an infrastructure they already own — Active Directory.

Centrify's smart card support is a mature commercial software offering, with robust technical support, and is built by a United States-based company that understands security. Request a free trial and see for yourself!