Centrify Your Security

Server Isolation & Encryption

Protect sensitive Linux and UNIX systems by dynamically isolating them and block communication with untrusted systems; optionally encrypt data-in-motion

IT organizations need to think differently about security and compliance in a diverse computing environment where data moves between physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. Firewalls, routers and other security methods protect the perimeter, but do not embrace critical outside resources, or even unmanaged personal or contractor systems brought inside. Approaches such as VLANs are costly and complex to manage in virtual and cloud environments. And protecting data-in-motion is expensive, whether over leased lines or when attempting to use public networks in combination with specialized encryption hardware.

Centrify DirectSecure
Centrify DirectSecure

Unmanaged or rogue computers cannot communicate with systems protected within the logically isolated network. You can restrict network access to specific resources and selectively encrypt network traffic.

Centrify Server Suite, Platinum Edition Direct Secure offers a more flexible and cost-effective approach by leveraging your existing Active Directory infrastructure and the native IPsec support built into today's modern operating systems. This policy-based software solution secures sensitive information by dynamically isolating and protecting cross-platform systems, seamlessly blocking un-trusted systems from communicating with trusted systems. You can also selectively encrypt network traffic for sensitive data like credit card numbers or personal customer information. And it does so without the need to change your network or applications. Additionally, you can take advantage of the Windows 7 DirectAccess feature to secure end-to-end communications with UNIX and Linux systems running DirectSecure.