Centrify Your Security

Server Auditing

Establish accountability and enhance compliance by recording which users accessed which systems, what commands they executed, with what privilege, and the changes they made

Capturing the detailed actions of privileged users is increasingly critical as cost-cutting measures are driving IT outsourcing through contracting, off-shoring, and outsourcing to third-party providers. And insiders — whether through malicious intent or indavertent errors — remain a major source of IT exposure. Traditional log files are well suited to aggregating events and management data for alerting and reporting, but cannot provide a full accounting of specific actions taken on a specific system, at a specific time, by a specific user.

Centrify DirectAudit provides a single, integrated architecture for capturing, collecting, searching, reporting on, and replaying user session activity across Windows and Linux and UNIX platforms. Because the Centrify Server Suite centralizes identities and privileges, you can run detailed reports of assigned rights, permissions and policies, and actions taken — all linked to definitive and centrally managed identities in Active Directory. By recording both user activity — from command-line sessions on UNIX and Linux systems and screen actions on Windows — and system responses, a complete picture of intentions and impacts for compliance can be achieved. System administrators will also find that these detailed session logs take the guesswork out of troubleshooting changes that may have caused system issues.