Centrify Your Security

Security Policy Enforcement

Centrally enforce security and configuration policies across Linux, UNIX and Mac systems using familiar Windows Group Policy tools

As the number of systems and users grows in an organization, centralized, rules-based management of security and configuration policies becomes critical. Even accomplishing something as simple as enforcing a consistent password change interval is impractical when each Linux and UNIX vendor has a different method for accomplishing this task. Many current solutions require a separate policy server infrastructure that is complex and thus fragile to maintain. These products require a separate identity store of systems and users, and usually rely on proprietary scripting and database formats.

When Centrify DirectControl is used to join Linux, UNIX and Mac systems to Active Directory, system policies — for example, rules for password length, complexity and expiration — are automatically enforced across all managed systems. But most important, IT managers can use Windows Group Policy to centrally push policies to more than 450 versions of UNIX, Linux and Mac platforms. Centrify's solution for Group Policy for Linux, UNIX and Mac is far more cost-effective than setting up a separate policy server, and far more efficient to manage using familiar Windows tools.

Centrify offers the industry's most robust Group Policy features, with support for both user and computer policies and for advanced features such as filtering and loop-back processing. It also includes desktop lockdown policies optimized for Macs and GNOME desktops running on Linux.