Centrify Your Users

Single Sign-On for SaaS and Mobile

Improve end-user satisfaction and streamline operations by providing a single login account to access all applications and mobile devices

End-user access to business applications is an area fraught with risk for organizations with complex, cross-platform environments. While the Active Directory account of an exiting employee may be de-provisioned quickly, entitlements to applications such as Salesforce.com, WebEx, intranets, HR systems, partner portals, and other apps may not be disabled for hours, days — or ever. In such environments, end-users are also frustrated trying to manage multiple accounts and passwords. IT departments struggle to define standard password and other security policies, while the helpdesk is swamped doing account resets.

Centrify's industry-standard solution delivers a single, unified architecture for sign-on.

  • For SaaS apps, Centrify addresses these challenges with true single sign-on directly to Active Directory. A cloud service facilitates secure single sign-on and controls access through a security token service, which authenticates users to the portal with Kerberos, SAML, or an Active Directory username/password; then automates logins through a one-click interface when users select from their list of authorized SaaS applications.
  • For on-premise apps, native authentication modules plug seamlessly into the underlying Centrify Agent on the managed application host systems, eliminating the need for separate authentication servers, providing single sign-on for SAP NetWeaver, Java and web applications and databases such as DB2.
  • For in-house and ISV-developed mobile apps, Centrify's Mobile Authentication Services delivers the first cloud-based solution that enables Active Directory-based authentication.

Through the same architecture, Centrify for Servers also secures the underlying host system, covering the industry's widest range of Linux and UNIX platforms.