Centrify Your IT

Mac OS Management

Use familiar Windows-based tools and processes to apply consistent access, configuration and security policies across your Mac OS X desktops

DirectControl does a better job of integrating the Mac experience with Windows than any other solution.

Jonathan Hassell

As Mac OS X systems continue to move onto corporate desktops, IT managers are looking for a way to accommodate their users' choice of platform without having to add additional management infrastructure and hire or train additional staff. While IT desktop support personnel can centrally configure security, desktop and application settings for Windows users using Group Policy, sometimes Macs are still managed one by one. Security issues, such as turning off Internet sharing, may be missed by personnel who do not have extensive Mac domain knowledge.

Centrify User Suite Mac Edition addresses these needs by joining Mac systems to your Active Directory domain, enabling centralized authentication and access control, along with automated security and configuration management. With Centrify, IT desktop support personnel can use familiar Windows tools and processes to:

DirectControl offers the simplest and most full-featured Active Directory integration solution for Mac OS X. Because it relies on Active Directory's Group Policy architecture, it functions more seamlessly for managing access ... particularly for systems administrators who are unfamiliar with Mac OS X.

Ryan Faas

  • Manage all Mac user accounts centrally in Active Directory
  • Separate Macs into logical management groups and delegate administrative rights so that only Mac users can access them and only Mac administrators can manage them
  • Centrally lock down and configure Macs using Windows Group Policy — our industry-leading Mac support includes user and computer policies, plus support for advanced features such as loopback processing
  • Configure home directories using a variety of options designed to fit enterprises of all sizes
  • Implement smart card authentication