In cross-platform environments, establishing accountability by linking entitlements and actions to named users can be a complex task. Active Directory provides a central repository for Windows user accounts. But entitlements to UNIX and Linux systems in particular (which are key platforms for business-critical data) may reside in multiple identity silos such as NIS, LDAP databases, or platform-specific proprietary directories, or they may be managed locally system by system.

Compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA and PCI, as well as security best practices, have a few simple concepts in common: organizations must limit access to business-critical systems only to named users whose job role requires it, and they must audit and report on what those users do.

Centrify addresses these IT security and compliance requirements with a comprehensive identity and access management solution that uses Microsoft Active Directory to centralize authentication, administration, access control, authorization and auditing of non-Microsoft systems and applications — whether physical or virtual, on-premise or cloud-based. Choose a topic to learn more: