Centrify Your IT

Cross-Platform Group Policy

IT organizations can eliminate redundant management tools and streamline operations by using Centrify Group Policy features to manage all of their non-Microsoft resources

Windows Group Policy is a powerful tool for managing configuration and security settings for Active Directory users and computers. Centrify integrates the industry's broadest range of non-Microsoft systems, devices and applications into Active Directory and has made them easy and intuitive to manage by delivering robust Group Policy support. With Centrify, IT managers can use familiar Windows Group Policy tools for everything from Mac computers to mobile devices — and much more.

Centrify offers the industry's most robust feature set for cross-platform Group Policy, with support for both user and computer policies and for advanced features such as filtering and loop-back processing. With Centrify, organizations can reduce the number of point products needed to manage an ever-increasing number of resources across their data center, cloud and mobile platforms, thus streamlining operations. And centralized policy management enhances security and compliance reporting. Here are a few of the ways organizations can leverage Centrify's cross-platform Group Policy features: