Centrify Solutions

Centrify Your Security

Apply the same identity policies across data center, cloud and mobile

The increasing diversity of server, workstation and mobile systems inside and outside of their networks has IT organizations struggling to enforce consistent policies. And with increasing data breaches and tougher government regulations and industry mandates, pressures are building to implement granular authorization and role-based access controls. In addition, IT security managers realize that detailed auditing is essential to validate security policies and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Centrify's unified architecture not only supports centralized identity management with Active Directory, but also centralizes policy and privilege in Active Directory, making it easy for access rights to follow a user throughout the identity management lifecycle. Just as critical, Centrify integrates detailed user activity auditing for increased security and compliance.

IT Security

Privileged User Management

Implement least-privilege security for Windows, Linux and UNIX with role-based controls that protect privileged operations while still granting users the privileges they need

Cloud & Mobile Access

Embrace cloud and mobile with appropriate levels of security, compliance and governance while lowering overall costs

Windows Server Protection

Insider threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs) create identity-related risk to your Window Server infrastructure. Take control of access to applications and regulated data, meet your regulatory compliance and auditing needs, and protect your Windows Servers from identity-related risks with Centrify Server Suite for Windows.

Server Isolation & Encryption

Protect sensitive Linux and UNIX systems by dynamically isolating them and block communication with untrusted systems; optionally encrypt data-in-motion

Identity Intelligence for Cloud, SaaS and Mobile

Logging of access events, identity analytics and reporting

Risk & Compliance

SOX Compliance

Satisfy SOX auditors with simplified reporting that shows who has access to audited business systems, what they can do, and what actions they have performed

PCI Compliance

Easily establish the authentication, authorization, encryption and audit requirements detailed in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard across all platforms

FISMA Compliance

Simplify and streamline your IT environment while enforcing the separation of duties and role-based access controls required by the Federal Information Systems Management Act

NERC Compliance

Utilities and energy firms can implement a robust security and auditing infrastructure for NERC cybersecurity compliance using Centrify solutions and Active Directory

MAS Compliance

Address MAS Technology Risk Management guidelines with integrated access controls and auditing of the effectiveness of those controls